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A swarm of motivated honeybees
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How we work together

1. Pursue excellence with an agile and adaptive mindset

We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and do our best to deliver high quality.

2. Bee a champion team

We are building a champion team, not just a team of champions. Our success is measured by the success of the whole and not just individual parts.

3. Have a strong work ethic

We combine a strong work ethic with a great sense of humor. We value fun and enjoy being engaged at work, while producing great results.

4. Include & support

We create a diverse workplace which is inclusive and supportive for all our team members. We listen and we care.


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How did the move from Silicon Valley to Berlin come about?

Our founders

Combining sales / tech knowledge for our B2B sales solution

Our experienced founder team gained experience working for top-selling companies with 25 Mio. EUR of revenues (e.g. Rocket Internet, TruVenturo, COMATCH, Klarna, etc.)

Daniel Brusch

CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel oversees our overall strategic direction and nurtures growth for clients & partners alike. He was the Sales Director at Comatch & VP at Truventuro and has previously founded and led the  Brandenburg Gate Museum.

Stefan Meyer

COO/CFO & Co-Founder
Stefan is responsible for driving our internal & external operations forward, making sure our product reflects our vision and brings the utmost value. Previously, Stefan worked in Venture Development at Rocket Internet and led the DACH Consumer Division at Comatch.

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